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Moulton Ward
The Bungalow, Pitsford Road, Moulton, Northamptonshire, NN3 7SY

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Mr M Venton
Removal of trees subject of tree preservation order DA247
Approval TPO

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Conditions & Reasons

   Conditions - Notes - Reasons

Type Description
Condition The work to which this consent relates shall be carried out within 2 years from the date of this consent.
Reason To enable the West Northamptonshire Council to review the situation after 2 years.
Condition All works to be undertaken in accordance with British Standard 3998 2010.
Reason In the interests of public amenity and good arboricultural practices.
Condition As identified within the application, the Holly and Ash shall be replaced in the garden at a more appropriate distance from the house and wall. The exact location, species and size of the two replacements to be agreed.
Reason In the interests of Public Amenity and good Arboricultural Practices.
Informative We are now within the Bird Nesting Season and all wild birds, their young, eggs, and active nests are protected under law and it is an offence to damage a nest intentionally while it is in use or being built. Please ensure all checks are undertaken prior to the commencement of works and that Non-urgent tree work or hedge cutting should not be undertaken during the bird nesting or breeding season (March to August, but depending on seasonal temperatures, some birds continue breeding into September).

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