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Long Buckby Ward
2, Hamilton Lane, Great Brington, Northamptonshire, NN7 4JJ

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Mr M Venton
Removal of tree subject of Tree Preservation Order DA18.
Approval TPO

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Conditions & Reasons

   Conditions - Notes - Reasons

Type Description
Condition The work to which this consent relates shall be carried out within 2 years from the date of this consent.
Reason To enable the West Northamptonshire Council to review the situation after 2 years.
Condition All works to be undertaken in accordance with British Standard 3998 2010.
Reason In the interests of public amenity and good arboricultural practices.
Condition As discussed and agreed on site the Horse Chestnut shall be replaced. The replacement shall be an Acer campestre (Field Maple) that will be appropriate for the location, the exact location and size of the replacement shall be agreed.
Reason In the interests of Public Amenity and good Arboricultural Practices.

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