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Building at Welford Road, Hollowell, Northamptonshire

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Nisar Mogul
Prior approval for change of use of agricultural building to one dwelling including insertion of mezzanine floor
Prior Approval Approved (a) & (b)

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Conditions & Reasons

   Conditions - Notes - Reasons

Type Description
Condition The development hereby permitted shall be completed before the expiration of 3 years from the date of this approval. The Local Planning Authority must be notified in writing of the date of completion of the development providing details of; • the name of the developer; • the address or location of the development; • and date of completion.
Reason To ensure that the LPA is notified that the development is completed in accordance with the time limits set by Q2 (3) of Class Q Part 3 and Schedule 2 of the Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development ) (England) Order 2015 (as amended).
Condition The development shall be carried out strictly in accordance with the following details, deposited with the Local Planning Authority: - Drawing numbers: KA27935-001 Rev B, KA27935-002 Rev B, KA27935-003 Rev E, KA27935-004 Rev E, Site location plan at a scale of 1:1250 and the block plan at a scale of 1:500 all validated by the Local Planning Authority on 19th June 2019.
Reason To ensure that the development complies with the provisions of Class Q and W (12) of Part 3 Schedule 2 of The Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) (England) Order 2015 (as amended).
Condition Prior approval is required for remediation of the contamination risks on the site as identified in the submitted Preliminary Investigation Report (Desk Study and site reconnaissance) by Soiltechnics and such approval shall be obtained in writing from the Local Planning Authority before beginning the development for the following: a) Contamination - Remedial Options Where the risk assessment identifies any unacceptable risk or risks, an appraisal of remedial options and proposal of the preferred option to deal with land contamination and/or pollution of controlled waters affecting the site shall be submitted for the approval of the LPA. No works, other than investigative works, shall be carried out on the site prior to the confirmation in writing of approval of the preferred remedial option by the LPA. This must be conducted in accordance with DEFRA and the Environment Agency’s ‘Model procedures for the Management of Land Contamination, CLR11’. b) Compliance with Remedial Option The approved remediation scheme shall be carried out in accordance with its terms prior to the commencement of development other than that required to carry out the remediation. No deviation shall be made from the approved scheme without the express written agreement of the LPA. The LPA must be given two weeks written notification of the date of commencement of the remediation scheme works. c) Closure Report - Remediation No development works other than that required to carry out the remediation shall be carried out until after the completion of the works required by the remediation scheme, the submission of a written closure report to the LPA and the LPA have confirmed the closure report is satisfactory. The report shall provide verification that the required works regarding contamination have been carried out in accordance with the approved remediation scheme, and confirmation of the effectiveness of the scheme in ensuring the site does not qualify as contaminated land under Part 2A of the Environmental Protection Act 1990 in relation to the use of the land as a dwelling and garden. Post remediation sampling and monitoring results shall be included in the closure report. d) Post Commencement Contamination If during development, contamination not previously considered is identified, then the LPA shall be notified immediately and no further work shall be carried out until a method statement detailing a scheme for dealing with the suspect contamination has been submitted to and agreed in writing with the LPA.
Reason To ensure that the development complies with the provisions of Class Q (Q.2 1 c) and W (9 a b and 10 b c and 13) of Part 3 Schedule 2 of The Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) (England) Order 2015 (as amended). Paragraphs 170 f) and 178 of the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) advises that decisions should ensure that a site is suitable for the proposed use taking into account of the ground conditions and to ensure that mitigation and remediation for any risk(s) is provided for. Paragraph 179 of the NPPF states that where a site is affected by contamination, responsibility for securing a safe development rests with the developer and/ or landowner.
Informative The dwellings hereby consented under Class Q does not have the benefit of any residential permitted development under Part 1 of Schedule 2 to the General Permitted Development Order, and therefore future owners/occupiers should be made aware that any future extensions and/or alterations will require the submission of applications for full planning permission. Furthermore, the applicant is reminded that the extent of any residential curtilage is strictly limited under the provisions of Class Q – this is confined to the area of land immediately around and besides the agricultural building permitted for conversion and the curtilage shall be no larger than the area of land occupied by the building.
Informative The developer/owner of the buildings is advised to engage expert advice in order to ascertain whether there are any protected species (such as barn owls or any species of bat) present within the buildings. If any such evidence is discovered during the permitted conversion works then work should cease and professional advice sought immediately, as it is a criminal offence to deliberately, intentionally or recklessly injure or kill prescribed protected species and/or their habitat/roosts. A license(s) from Natural England would be required in order to allow any intervention with protected species and/or their roosts.
Informative The applicant’s attention is drawn to the fact that the Council has identified this development as liable for Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) payments under the 'Daventry District Council Community Infrastructure Levy Charging Schedule – Approved' on 31 July 2015 which has been implemented by the District Council under the provisions of 'The Community Infrastructure Levy Regulations 2010 (as amended).' Accordingly, unless exemptions have been sought under the provisions of the CIL Regulations, payment of CIL charges will be payable to the Council upon commencement of development. Further information on CIL can be found on the Council’s website.
Informative This prior approval does not confer consent to or make provision for the demolition/ removal of the metal corrugated structures/ buildings attached to the stables and main barn.
Informative A formal application would be required for the prior approval matter referred to in condition 3 above.
Informative The applicant’s attention is drawn to the document entitled: “Contaminated Land -– A guide for developers and their advisors”. This can be obtained from Daventry District Council’s web site or directly from Environmental Improvement.
Informative The proposed access should be used only in connection with the dwelling and no agricultural use permitted.
Informative Any work to provide the necessary visibility splays as detailed in the submitted Highways Statement must be carried out prior to first occupation of the dwelling.

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