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Abbey North
43, Morning Star Road, Daventry, Northamptonshire, NN11 9AB

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Steve Ellis
Discharge of Planning Obligation dated 20 December 2002 (as varied)
Refusal Dis of Planning Obl

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Conditions & Reasons

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Type Description
Reason The planning obligation which the application seeks to discharge, insofar as it relates to the application property (Deed made 20 December 2002 and, more particularly, as amended by a Deed of Variation dated 7 April 2004) had the intent of enabling the initial, and continued, provision of a discounted market sales property. This is a type of affordable housing, as defined in Annex 2: Glossary, of the National Planning Policy Framework. It is important that a range of options is available to meet the housing needs of those people whose needs are not met by the market. The application, if approved would result in the loss of one such property, and the obligation, therefore, continues to serve a useful purpose. On that basis, discharge of the obligation as a whole would not be acceptable. However, it is accepted that the present detailed wording of the obligation is such that, on the basis of the information provided by the applicants, it has had the practical effect of limiting the ability of the first purchasers to sell the property to subsequent purchasers on the basis that was originally intended. The Local Planning Authority has offered to provide the applicants with possible wording of a variation to the obligation, for the applicants to consider, but the applicants have declined the offer.
Informative As required by Article 35 of the Town and Country (Development Management Procedure) (England) Order 2015 (as Amended) the following statement applies: In dealing with this planning application the Local Planning Authority have worked with the applicant in a positive and proactive manner with a view to seeking solutions to problems arising in relation to the consideration of this planning application.
Informative The applicants are invited to discuss the wording of a possible variation to the obligation that would be acceptable to the Local Planning Authority.

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