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Glebe Paddock, Off Rectory Lane, Holcot, Northamptonshire

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Anna Lee
Lawful Development Certificate (Proposed) for implementation of planning permission DA/93/0203 to use land as graveyard for burials and cremations.
Approval Cert of Lawfulness Prop

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Reason On balance, there is sufficient evidence to demonstrate that works lawfully commenced between 1993 and 1995 for implementation of planning permission number DA/1993/0203. Specifically, this involved the laying of boundary treatments to demark the boundaries of the approved graveyard area and the removal of buildings that were identified for demolition by the planning permission. Therefore, the proposed use and operations described in the application would be lawful under Section 192 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990. This decision relates to the following information received by the Local Planning Authority and registered valid on 7 August 2019: - Location plan scale 1:2500 - ‘Map of churchyard and adjacent properties’ scale 1:500 - Application Forms - Conveyance document dated 2 May 1995

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