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130, Northampton Road, Brixworth, Northamptonshire, NN6 9BU

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R Lambert
Change of use from retail to Hot Food Takeaway (Class A5)
Refusal Full.

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Conditions & Reasons

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Type Description
Reason The site is within a mixed commercial and residential area. The proposal is contrary to Saved Local Plan Policies GN1, GN2A and EN42, and to Paragraphs 17, 58, 69, of the National Planning Policy Framework in that the use would detract from the amenities of the residents in the locality because of increased noise, disturbance, and fumes, increased comings and goings of traffic and would increase potential for anti-social behaviour and crime.
Reason The proposed use is contrary to the advice in Paragraphs 109 and 123 of the National Planning Policy Framework in that additional noise and disturbance would have an adverse impact on the quality of life of nearby residents.
Reason The proposal would you be contrary Joint Core Strategy Policies BN9 (Pollution) and S10 in that the proposal would be a source of noise and fume pollution and thereby detrimental to nearby residents.
Informative In making this decision, the Local Planning Authority has had regard to the requirements of paragraphs 186 and 187 of the National Planning Policy Framework.

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