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Containing Text Found in Fields: Use quotation marks in the search box to search for all of the words, eg: "The Stour Daventry"

On the 3rd May 2012 some Wards within the District changed, if searching by Ward please check current Wards before searching. Alternatively applications can be found using a Parish only search (these have not changed).


Using a Reference Number

Enter all or part of the Reference Number, When entering part of a reference use * to replace the unknown section, for example to search for a code starting DA/2008 enter DA/2008* in the Reference Number field.

Using a Location

Enter all or part of an address such as "Main Street Badby". Using the quotation marks in the search box searches for all of the words, not any of the words.

NB. If searching for applications using a Post Code in the Location field, please be aware that many of our older records do not include a Post Code.

Using a Date Range

To search for applications within a specified date range enter the appropriate dates in the From and To fields.

Most date formats will be recognised 01/05/2008 or 1 May 2008.

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